The Market has now re-opened.
The Club has returned to meetings in person and run them in conjunction with Zoom. Arrangements may vary each week. Please confirm venue below or via the website here.

Meeting This Week - we are at Cilantro 7am for 7.10am start
For full location details, please refer here.
The meeting will also be available on Zoom - details here

Edition 155 Monday, 7th February 2024

Message from our President - Ron's Ramblings

What a great presentation we had from Tina last week. Her expression of gratitude and to see how she has developed and grown to the person she is now after her first visit to Australia 7years ago was amazing. We can all be proud of the small contribution our club made along with ROMAC, Children First, John and Margaret Mason and Helen Nodrum, in providing support for Tina during not just one, but three major surgeries.
Our speaker this week is Steve Crosling from Shelterbox who will explain to us the way Shelterbox has now developed to providing valuable support and survival aids to people throughout the world during times of natural disasters. Our club has been a supporter of this project for many years.
Don't forget the Sunday afternoon social get together at the home of Linda and peter O’Brien on Sunday afternoon.
Yours in Rotary  ‘Create Hope in The World.’
President Ron
Roster for the next 2 weeks
Meeting Chairman refer here for help

Note Market start time is 6.15am
Click on See all Rosters at right for future weeks. Members click here to see your own roster.
Meeting February 7th, 2024
Chairperson O'Brien, Linda
Cashier / Moran, Tim
Cashier Langridge, Samantha
Regalia Soster, Karin
Meeting February 14th, 2024
Chairperson Reid, Julie
Cashier Nodrum, Helen
Cashier Lucas, Margaret
Regalia Gartly, Geoff
Market February 11th, 2024
Market Leader Reid, Julie
Assistant Kempton, Alan
Assistant Gartly, Geoff
Assistant Loeliger, Sue
Market February 18th, 2024
Market Leader Green, Larry
Assistant O'Brien, Linda
Assistant - O'Brien, Peter
This week's speaker / event
Steve Crosling from Shelterbox
Latest edition of District Highlights can be found here

Social afternoon at the O'Brien's This coming Sunday
Details here

Club Meeting January 31 2024
Peter O’Brien was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  Alan performed invocation and the toast to country.  Helen P, and Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.    Apologies were received from Jo, Roy, and Linda.
Club Meeting Jan 24 2024
Our illustrious and incoming President Elect, Tim Lynch, was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro – our first breakfast back at Cilantro, and aren’t we lucky to have such a wonderful venue for our club meetings.  Faye performed invocation and Rotary toast with some lovely words.  Apologies were received from Linda O’Brien, Helen Parker, Kellie Carruthers, and Tony Ryan.  Ron arranged a 50th Birthday Celebration Cake to commemorate our club’s 50th Rotary Anniversary.  Thank you Ron and a lovely gesture.  
Club Meeting January 17 2024
Tim Moran was today’s chairperson for our first club meeting for 2024 at The Deck in Brighton.  The meeting was well attended and everyone enjoyed a lovely casual breakfast prepared by staff at The Deck.  DG Ian and Helen P joined the meeting via Zoom.  Guests included partners – Ken, Gary and Asia.   Attendance apologies were received from Geoff Gledhill, Paul F, Kelly C, Vishal M, Samantha L, Julie R, Barry O, and Roy K.   
Club Meeting December 13 2023
Today’s meeting at Cilantro was our last for 2023 and what a fun meeting it was and enjoyed by all who attended.  Alan chaired the meeting, and Glenda, Faye and Roy were apologies.  Grant performed his International Club toast which, very fittingly, was toasted to President Svein Magne Sirnes of the Rotary Club of Drobak in Norway – Drobak officially being recognised worldwide as the ‘home of Santa Claus’. 
Club Meeting December 6 2023
Jo was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  Geoff Gartly performed the invocation and toast to Rotary and Australia.  Charles and Karin joined the meeting via Zoom.
Apologies for today’s club meeting - Alan, Faye, Tony, Sam, Glenda, and Roy.
Ron reminded everyone of the following dates and events:
Sunday 10/12/23 – is our end of year function at Dendy Café, Dendy Park in Brighton 1-4pm.
Monday 11/12/23 – BMC Board meeting in Cilantro at 7.30pm
Wednesday 13/12/23 – our last club meeting for this year at Cilantro
Wednesday 17/1/24 – first club meeting for 2024 – morning meeting at The Deck in Bay Street, Brighton – venue to be confirmed. 
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Market Report February 4 2024

Team members:Grant, Ian and Helen Parker and Vivienne and Stephanie from Moorabbin
Other helpers and visitors:Ron
Cars in queue: 1. Night parkers : 1, in a walkway
Pedestrian count  1442
Market Report: Warm and sunny, but not too hot, until about 1100, as some stall holders were packing up early Oddly, none of the plant stalls were present.
Leader, Grant Perry
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Geoff Gledhill
February 12
John Mason
Margaret Mason
February 4
Join Date
Helen Nodrum
February 8, 2017
7 years
Faye Weeks
February 11, 2015
9 years
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