Posted by Karin Soster on Jan 31, 2024
Peter O’Brien was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  Alan performed invocation and the toast to country.  Helen P, and Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.    Apologies were received from Jo, Roy, and Linda.
  • Market Cash Collection – it is important to follow the market instructions and ensure the pull off sticker from the pouch is placed on the reverse side of the deposit slip.    Additionally, the person performing the cash collection has left, and a new arrangement will be made.  
  • District Conference – the conference is just around the corner.   As club host for this year’s conference – volunteers will be required for varying activities at the conference.  Rosters will be drawn up over the coming weeks.
  • Photo Albums – President Ron is collating photos of club activities for the club’s archives and asks members to scan any photos they may have onto a USB stick.
  • Club Social Event – Sunday 11th February at the O’Brien’s – 4 Ward Street, Brighton East.  Ron reminded everyone of the invitation to the social afternoon at Peter and Linda’s on Sunday 11/2.  The afternoon will be catered – however please bring your own liquid refreshments. 
  • Club Evening Meeting – Wed 13/3 will not be available at Cilantro for the evening meeting.  The meeting date may move to Thursday 14/3 – further details will be provided.
GUEST SPEAKER – Celestina Dias
Celestina (Tina) was a ROMAC recipient in 2015 and spent almost a year in Melbourne for medical treatment and recuperation before returning to her home in Dili, Indonesia.  John Mason outlined Tina’s journey to Australia and was happy to reintroduce her to the club almost 10 years later as a young and assured young woman of 21, leading a ‘normal’ life and studying for her degree at university hoping to major in English Literature.  Tina flew to Darwin with her mother in January 2015 and an interpreter, as neither Tina nor her mother could speak English, before travelling to Melbourne for medical treatment.    Tina’s medical condition was complex and was treated in stages, with heart surgery to commence, then followed by surgery on her legs, and then finally on her hands.  In between surgeries and phases of recuperation, Tina spent time at the Children’s First Foundation in Kilmore which was run by Moira Kelly at the time, and with home hosts.  Margaret Mason was on the District ROMAC committee, and she and John home hosted Tina for some of the time.   Tina, with Helen N’s assistance, described her surgery with photos and timelines.  Tina explained prior to coming to Australia, her medical condition did not allow her to do much, and was unable to lead a normal life as her siblings and other children could, however, following her successful medical treatment in Australia, she was able to return to Dili and her family, and commence a normal life such as the simple act of walking to school.     Tina’s presentation demonstrated she has a very good command of the English language – mentioning she commenced learning English during her time at the Children’s First Foundation which was hosting many ‘such’ recipients from around the globe with English having to be the common language for all, and now also at University.   Shakespeare is Tina’s favourite author for study.  She has 2 further years of study to complete, and plans to be a teacher.  Tina finished her talk thanking Rotary and ROMAC and the opportunity to lead a normal life.   Thank you Tina for your presentation and your delightful presence – your presentation highlighted the work of ROMAC and the positive life changes the program provides.  Our club only wishes you all the best for your future endeavours.
  • Board meeting - Secretary Neville reminded board members of the board meeting on Monday 5/2.
  • Rosters – for the market and next week’s meeting were announced.
MEETING CLOSE – President Ron closed the meeting.