Posted by Ian Ballantine on May 03, 2023
This article is intended to be an aid to members given responsibility of creating / editing what are termed as "events" within the Events module of ClubRunner.
Note that events added via this module automatically appear on the Home Page, Events Page, Club Bulletin and in people's calendars if they are synch'd (instructions below)
It is suggested you have this article open in one Tab of your Browser and open the Events module in another.
This is the link to the Events Module - here
This is a link to ClubRunner Help on the Events Module - here
This is the link to the Help page for getting the Club's event calendar synch'd with your Google or Apple calendar - here
This is the link to the Club's current event list - here
In member area, find main menu option Events
Select Event Planner - direct link here
To edit an existing event, select Open against that event
To create a new event, select Create A New Event
(It is possible to create a new event by copying an existing one. On the Event Planner page, against an existing event is an option to Copy.)
Create New Event:
  • Event Name - self explanatory
  • Event Code - ignore, we don't use it
  • Status - self explanatory
  • Event type - use pull down list (we can add to list if necessary)
  • Start date and time - use calendar button for date. Type in time, making sure you specify AM or PM
  • Type in description of event. It is suggested that if the event will also be on Zoom, include the following (copy and paste so you get the link)

    Meeting will also be available on Zoom

    Meeting ID 3532621046 Pwd 3191 or click here.

    If you are including any other links in your description, like  a link to a speaker's website, make sure you set it to open in a new window.

  • Enable registration - self explantory, usually No
  • Image: Here is where an optional image is uploaded for the event. This image, usually a .jpeg must be on your computer. The size of the image should be kept to only 600 or so pixels as any larger is unnecessary and takes more time to load. Hit the Browse button to find the image on your computer and upload.
  • Event chair - use pull down list of members. Email and phone number will follow automatically
  • Location and address - self explanatory. This is not just for information but also links to the Map App (Google Maps)
  • Map override Latitude and Logitude - use this when address is insufficient for accuracy. A good example of this is for Cilantro:Cilantro Restaurant - refer below
  • Leave remaining options as default. If event, for some reason doesn't have an address, click "No" on Show Map?
  • Save Event
  • Go to the Events page on the Club website here and review, including testing any links you've included and reviewing the map.
  • When inserting address for Cilantro, use the following:

    Cilantro Restaurant
    Holmesglen University Moorabbin Campus
    488 South Rd