From the Calendar page here you can subscribe to the Club's event calendar.
This will result in the Club's calendar being added to your existing calendar subscriptions, thus ensuring that as an event is added (or modified) to the Club's calendar, it will appear on your phone, tablet etc.
Calendars supported are Outlook, Google and Apple.
Take the link, Subscribe to Calendar, from the Calendar Page.
I am only familiar with Google calendar so cannot offer any support to members on either of the other systems. If you are not sure how to do this, I suggest you do some research before you attempt it.
When you take the link, you will be offered the choice of the 3 calendars supported. Taking one of these will take you to a page where you will add this calendar to your existing calendar subscriptions.
In the case of Google, it opened up my Google calendar in my browser, after signing in, of course. Full instructions were there to assist completion of the addition. In the image at right you will see the calendar http://portal.clubrunner.c - this is the Club's calendar added into Google calendar.
Then I had to go to my phone and add the calendar to the others already being sync'd.
Speaking for the Google calendar, I know that it can take some time, up to 24 hours apparently, before updates to the Calendar on the Club's website actually "reach" (sync) your phone or device. Please be aware of this. I can update the calendar on the site but cannot control how long before those changes reach your phone.
If I make any changes within a couple of days of an event's date, I will try to send an email to all members alerting them to this change. Any other changes will not be notified.
You will find, as with all such calendars, that you will be unable to edit or delete a calendar entry. These actions can only be performed by the administrator of the Club calendar.
The Events page can be displayed in any of three ways. The Subscribe link is only available from the Calendar view. Either go to the Events page from the Home Page and select Calendar view or take this link here now.
To access more instruction regarding syncing calendars refer ClubRunner help here.