Posted by Zilla Roth on Sep 12, 2018
After last week’s meeting, Pres. Ian, Jo, Grant, Tim M and I met Matt Donovan at the farm of Food for Change. The farm is on the corner of Clayton Rd and Kingston Rd. It was originally land that was unused tucked between other farms and large glasshouses and is most inconspicuous. Matt is the force behind this project that grows vegetables to distribute amongst the needy. We saw a cultivated raised row of soil that had produced in an area of 50meters long by approximately 1meter wide 1200 cauliflowers! On other similar rows we saw chard, silver beet, peas, kale, onions, radishes and carrots.
A ccgv planting machine can take 5 minutes to plant the 50 metres! Green waste is donated by the government. Biomass fertiliser is also donated. The plants come from Majestic plants.  All the work is done by volunteers who arrive at 7.30.The Pro Bono work is also done by volunteers. This organisation is also helping others to set up own gardens with knowledge to grow food on sites and therefore creating less transport for food. Matt suggested that Rotary Clubs who run farmers’ markets could collect leftover food. Another organisation “3000 Acres” also help people to set up community gardens which are hard to put together. There is so much land with nothing on it, so to be able to do what Matt and his volunteers have done is a real success story and one that is really appreciated by the community which needs so much. Thank you Matt for your hospitality. We were really impressed and Jo came away with some innovative ideas that she will share with her committee.