Posted by Karin Soster on May 10, 2023
DGE Ian was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  Ron conducted Invocation, and Tony conducted the Loyal Toast to King and Country.  Tim introduced his two guests – Michelle and Aimee.  Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.
President Glenda had the very pleasant task of inducting our newest club member – Helen Parker.  Helen works as an Emergency Consultant in the emergency ward at Sandringham hospital – her classification will be Emergency Medicine.  She is known to the club and is a  a very welcomed new club member. 
GUEST SPEAKER – Cheryne Blom
Cheryne Blom was our guest speaker today – it is challenging to portray Cheryne who wears many hats and displays a passion for life with engaging and positive energy.  Cheryne has a degree in Psychology, she is a counsellor, an author, an empowerment life coach and mentor skilled in helping people to let go of stress, recognise their potential and lead better lives.     Cheryne has an interesting and varied background, having been born in South Africa, growing up and educated in the US, before returning to South Africa as a young adult, and then moving to Australia approximately 30 years ago where she has remained, and is now the mother of 3.  Cheryne is involved with Stride Education that delivers social and emotional wellbeing programs to students, teachers and parents.  Programs are designed to recognise stress, and how to overcome stress by managing emotions and becoming calm in an environment of ‘chaos’.  Stress responses are recognised as learned behaviour that can be managed when able to identify the triggers and manage/control responses through a process of Think, Feel, Act.  Cheryne quoted a saying ‘When we change the way we look at things; Things around us change’.  Cheryne recognises today’s young people are exposed to challenges previous generations have never had to deal with - she is passionate in helping young people to recognise these challenges, overcoming their fears and anxieties, and managing their emotional reactions through taking control of their thought processes.  It was a very interesting talk that ended in everyone doing a breathing exercise to slow down the mind and encouraging a sense of calm.  Thank your Cheryne for your excellent presentation.
2023 District Assembly – Commenced on Sunday 7/5.  Glenda encourages members to join the sessions which are online this year over the coming week.  Further details are available from the club website.
Bayspeak Competition – Glenda, Julie (MC), Helen and Marg attended the first heat of Bayspeak competition at Firbank Grammar School – indicating club members are welcome to join in future sessions.    
Bayspeak Sessions – Julie outlined the future Bayspeak sessions – 16/5 7pm at St Leonards, 23/5 at 7pm Mentone Grammar School and 7/6 at Firbank Grammar School for the Final.
Next week’s club evening meeting – Jo promoted next week’s club meeting which is an evening meeting at Cilantro.  Club members wishing to attend need to advise Jo.
Upcoming Club Meetings/ Events – Sam
  • Wed 17/5 – evening club meeting at Cilantro
  • Thur 18/5 – Mahjong at The Healey 7pm
  • Thur 25/5 – Marriott Support Services 50th Anniversary ball
  • Mon 29/5 – International Convention club dinner
  • Sat 10/6 – Evening social at home of Faye and Ken Oakes
  • Sat 24/6 – Club Changeover
  • Sat 1/7 – District Changeover
District Changeover – Peter reminded everyone to collect the cardboard insert from used kitchen hand towel rolls and pass them onto Linda.    These will be tizzed up and used as part of the table decorations at this year’s district changeover.
Rosters – Next market and club meeting rosters were announced
MEETING CLOSE – President Glenda thanked our guest speaker, our guests for coming along and closed the meeting.