Posted by Zilla Roth on Oct 14, 2020
It was a beautiful morning and we were all gathered to listen to our Paul Ferguson who is the CEO of Moorabbin Airport. Pres. Geoff gave us a brief good morning greeting while on his way to work. He welcomed Tim L back and as we all do wished him a speedy recovery from his disastrous road accident and welcome our AG Heather Chisolm to the meeting. He explained that his introduction in the bulletin is short because there was not a lot happening and like the rest of us looking forward to some sort of change although not to expect too much.
He continued with Helen’s sentiment that perhaps we might be able to have small gatherings in a park. It would be nice to actually see people for real. He continued by informing us that there was a change in the board. Tony G was to be Director of Youth due to the fact Helen is our President Elect and Linda O’B will return to be Director of International. As Helen has been involved with Kevin in his huge work on the Club’s Strategic Plan, Pres Geoff hoped to get together with Helen and Kevin for more conversation.
Our Guest Speaker was Paul Ferguson. Paul has been a member of our club for quite a few years and has been a donor and is very interested in surgical matters and has shown a huge interest in Interplast, even attending as an observer in an Interplast excursion to Laos. Paul gave us the history of the Moorabbin Airport telling us that it has been operating for 75 years and told us that this airport is the 2nd busiest airport in the country.
He showed us slides of the area explaining to us that in 1955 the surrounds were semi-rural with market gardens and training grounds for horses. Urban encroachment began in the 1970s and there was Urban privatization in the 1991os.Today the area is surrounded by suburban homes but the airport land itself has the DFO site, a petrol station Control Tower, a Restaurant and talk of a golf course, and the Aviation Museum of which Charles R is a passionate member. The Aviation Museum attracts 50,000 and the whole area with the corporations and retail sites attracts seven and a half million visitors. He told us that there is an extensive under-water drainage system and he talked of grass strips that were tuned into all-weather strips.  He informed us that the Government Aviation Policy owned and ran the Airports. In the 70s there were war trained pilots and that post-war decisions need to invest in the airport structure and gained experience and set up sites in Airport urban fringe. They had to look at wind predictability with a North0Sout topography that was suitable and make the site flat. Paul continued by telling us that the Air Port was the largest funded Training Facility, a 500- person office, offers of Six and a half thousand jobs, 7% of Kingston jobs and an investment program. He told us that 44% of people work and live within 5ks from the airport. Safety is most important and there are safety infrastructures in place that are in good condition with safety management systems.  He talked of work and training operations and plans for indigenous opportunities.
Paul is an excellent speaker with so much knowledge to impart to us that to capture it all for our club members to read is a giddy proposition. As there are opportunities for the general public to visit this vast industrial site, it would be worthwhile to experience this once COCID19 is more settled. Thank you Paul! Once again we thank you Paul for your comprehensive presentation and we are in awe of your what you do! Any mistakes that are made in this report, the bulletin reporter apologizes.
We closed the meeting after 2 fines dealt out by acting Sergeant Tony R and AG Heather Chisholm thanked us for being able to join in the morning Zoom Meeting. Helen closed the meeting by wishing us a good week and reminding us that ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES
Zilla (Bulletin Reporter)