Posted by Karin Soster on Oct 19, 2022
Margaret Lucas was chairperson for today’s club meeting at the bulletin.  Tim L performed invocation, and Helen conducted the loyal toast.  Glenda and Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.
  • Ukraine Concert - Sunday 23/10 - the concert to support Ukraine, as mentioned last week, will be held on Sunday 23/10 in the Concert Hall at St Leonards College
  • Club Meeting Wednesday 26/10 – will be an evening meeting at Cilantro, with our club’s RYLA participant as guest speaker. 
  • Club Meeting Wednesday 30/11 –  will be an evening meeting at Cilantro with a special guest speaker arranged by Tim L
  • Floods – D.G. Ken Miller has contacted the other districts and clubs impacted by floods with offers of support and assistance. More details to come on how we can assist.
  • Xmas Cakes and Puddings – Pres. Margaret will once again be taking orders for this year’s Rotary Xmas Cakes and Puddings – prices this year are Cakes - $18.50 and Puddings - $16.50
  • South Caulfield Community Garden – Helen
    - Helen attended their AGM and commented our club was recognized for having supported their garden nature strip development which is now completed, and their sustainability training course which was attended by 8 people.  Club members are welcome to attend morning tea held each Tuesday morning at 11:30am
  • Applied Learning Awards Club Donation – Helen
    - The board had approved a $5,000 club donation for the Applied Learning Awards.  In line with our club’s Standing Orders, club members have received two weeks’ notice before taking a formal club vote.   Helen moved the club donate $5,000 to this year’s Applied Learning Awards – with a show of hands, the motion was approved. 
  • PHF Presentation – Pitsa Binnion – School Principal of McKinnon Secondary College
    - Helen had the very pleasant duty of presenting Pitsa Binnion with a Paul Harris Fellow recognition in recognition of her 39 year contribution to education.   Pitsa was nominated again and is a finalist for this year’s Colin Simpson Outstanding Secondary Principal Award.  The Award recognizes exceptional principals who have demonstrated leadership excellence in a Victorian government secondary school.  Pitsa came to McKinnon Secondary Collage as a teacher in 1997, appointed as Principal Assistant in 2000, and as Principal in 2008.  She is a very worthy recipient for this Paul Harris Fellow recognition. 
  • RSL Social Evening – Sam
    - Sam reminded everyone of the social evening dinner at RSL on Thursday 20/10 and let her know if able to attend.
GUEST SPEAKER – Jessica Redwood, CEO Children First Foundation
  • Jessica commenced her presentation by creating a ‘picture’ of access to surgical care and invited club members to consider of the 7 ½ billion people in the world, how many do not have access to critical surgical care.  After a few figures were bandied around, she revealed the figure is 5 billion – approximately 2/3 of the world’s population does not have access to critical surgical care.  We are extremely fortunate to live in a country where the thought of only 1/3 of our population having such access is unthinkable, yet this is the reality for many living in countries with more unfortunate circumstances where medical treatment is limited.  Children First Foundation was formally established in 1999 when Rotarian Noel Baker in District 9790 and his wife donated 45 acres of land to the new foundation to build a home for children brought to Australia for medical treatment to spend time pre and post their medical treatment. Since its commencement, 450 children from 32 countries have been cared for by Children First Foundation.  The foundation has 4 focus programs: 1. Miracle Smiles Program that facilitates medical treatment in Australia, and provides refuge at “The Retreat” as a ‘home away from home’ for child and parent pre and post medical treatment.  2. In Country Program that supports surgery in the child’s own country with pre and post-surgery support to Australian medical standards.  3. Back Home Support Program that provides support post medical treatment after a child has returned to their home country.  4. Capacity Building Program which is their latest program to provide long term surgical care and facilities in partnership with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Currently, the program is supporting 40 medical professionals in Papua New Guinea.  Jessica illustrated the story of Fatima who came to Australia from Timor-Leste with her mother for medical treatment to correct a physical condition that was preventing her from swallowing food.   Fatima received surgery at Westmead Hospital, and the before and after pictures and effect of surgery was nothing short of miraculous.  This surgery was not available in Timor-Leste, and her medical outcome would have been dire had it not been for medical intervention through the Children First Foundation.  Jessica mentions Children First Foundation differs from other similar organisations as they have a purpose built facility to support children coming to Australia for medical treatment and they are not aligned to any one hospital or type of medical treatment.  They do not receive government funding and work with private hospitals to provide the necessary medical treatment.  Currently they have partnerships with St Vincent’s Private and Cabrini, plus other smaller hospitals.  Medical staff provide their work pro bono or at a humanitarian rate and is usually scheduled for a time that does not impact medical care for the local community.  Their mission is Giving Small Lives Big Hope.   They have a strong and ongoing partnership with Rotary.  Jessica mentions a fundraiser ball will be held on 28 April 2023 that everyone is welcome to attend.  They also have a volunteer program where people are welcome to participate, they accept donations and run raffles and auctions.   Jessica finished by expressing how fortunate and excited she felt to take over the role of CEO to continue and expand their work.   Thank you Jessica for your excellent presentation.
  • John opened his session with a joke about McIntyre tartan and how someone had purchased and was given Dunlop tartan instead of their preferred McIntyre tartan.  When the person went back to complain the shop keeper said ‘no worries, Dunlop have been makin tyres for years’
    - the closest resemblance to tartan evident in the breakfast room was being worn by Tony and Alan – both wearing check shirts and of course both were fined!
  • Tony was fined again for having threatened to ring the meeting bell early.  Our members from South African would have been fined for all the cape weed in William Fryer Reserve had they been there.  Charles was fined for sharing the same name with our sovereign ‘Charles R’, and Ron was fined for having 6 slices of toast.
  • John finished his session by saying he welcomed everyone to ‘dob in’ on their fellow members for fining and in fact it was their responsibility to do so!
ROSTERS - Upcoming rosters for Sunday market and next week’s meeting were displayed.
MEETING CLOSE – President Margaret thanked our guests, Pitsa Binnion and Jessica Redwood, for attending and closed the meeting with this year’s Rotary Theme – Imagine Rotary.