Posted by Helen Nodrum on Feb 20, 2021
Our club are proud supporters of St. Kilda Mums. Their values of Respect for each other, for the earth and for every individual align well with those of our rotary club.
We donate financially each year to support their work.
The Covid 19 lockdown in 2020 meant that to be active and maintain our club’s service projects we had to reinvent the way we worked.
The outcome of that is that I had the pleasure of dropping off to St. Kilda Mum’s warehouse in Clayton a car boot full of children’s clothing, footwear and accessories.
The contents of each bag washed, ironed and placed in age groups.
This is an example of Rotary groups working hard behind the scenes quietly helping to support community organisations and projects.
The following club members are to be recognized and thanked for taking on board the agenda of this project and for their generous response:
Linda and Peter O’Brien,
Jo Impey’ friendship group
Helen Nodrum