Posted by Ian Ballantine on Apr 11, 2021
The District Training Assembly is an annual event aimed at informing club office bearers of the latest developments in Rotary in order to better prepare for their role. It’s not just for new office bearers. It’s an opportunity for the more experienced Rotarians to share their experience in a mutually supportive learning environment, aimed at strengthening all our clubs. It’s also a great opportunity for newer Rotarians to network and learn more about the “bigger picture” of Rotary and what happens beyond their club.
On behalf of District Governor Elect Dr Daryl Moran, PDG Tony Monley OAM, D9810 Learning & Development Chair, invites all members of our District to register for one or more sessions in this year’s District Training Assembly.
The Assembly will be held online via Zoom sessions, scheduled from Sunday 23rd May through to Sunday 30th May. 
Registrations may be made through Trybooking, via the following link:
For a number of sessions there is recommended pre-work, primarily in the form of courses on the Rotary International Learning Centre. Undertaking these courses will equip you with foundation knowledge for your topic, allowing you to utilise the Zoom session to discuss and share experience and knowledge across the District. To access the Learning Centre, ensure first that you’re logged on to My Rotary, then follow the following link, then search for your particular course. RI Learning Centre:
For details of sessions, timetable and Zoom meeting details refer documents contained within the D9810 folder here.