Posted by John Mason on Apr 18, 2018
Margaret Mason in her role as member of the District ROMAC committee has been hosting Lucillia (Lucy) who is in town with her mother, and is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer in her throat neck and spine. She has to wear a neck brace that extends well down her back, and has weekday radiation treatment at Peter Mac. She is a delightful 9 year old who must be in a lot of pain and discomfort but is always smiling and giggling.
Lucy speaks no English apart from ‘Please’ and ‘Thankyou’. Her language is Tetum, which the Timorese speak. Her mother also speaks Bahasa (Indonesian). Communication is difficult, but Margaret knows some Malay which is much the same as Bahasa. Luckily Lidia Suares a native Timorese translator, now resident in Melbourne, was able to help, and she spent a night helping them settle in. Meals are tricky, but lots of rice and vegetables are involved, despite the doctors saying she needs more protein to build up her strength, Rotary is certainly ‘Making a Difference” to Lucy who would likely not have survived with out intervention by ROMAC.