Posted by Ian Ballantine
Who says you can't still have a bit of fun when you're in lockdown?
Congratulations to Geoff Gartly and Larry Green for putting this evening together.
We had about 24 people in total join together in a night of laughs and, at times, mild dissension! Michael Bury was the winner - I'm not sure of what as the prize being offered by Tim Lynch was I think done so without the knowledge of the person donating it! (you had to be there!)
Well done to Jo Impey for getting most her family along to join us as well.
Tony Ryan dropped in to give us an update on the football scores. I think he chose not to join in the quiz to avoid the embarrassment of losing.
The evening was topped off with a saxophone solo by Tim Lynch - great stuff Tim (and Angela) - sorry about the photo, it's the best I could do.
Well done to everyone for joining in. I'm sure we'll be doing it again so keep an eye on our Events page here