Posted by Karin Soster on Feb 15, 2023
Tony chaired today’s meeting at Cilantro.  Sue performed Invocation and Helen performed the Loyal Toast.  Karin joined via Zoom and apologies were announced.
  • Last week’s board meeting went well.
  • Glenda encouraged members to promote Rotary and the projects we are involved in when the opportunity arises.  She referenced recent conversations with people she met through association and who made the following comments, citing “No idea about Rotary”, “Rotary is a bunch of old folk”, and ‘all they do is meet and go out for dinner”.
    - Ian suggested promoting our international projects as well and not only our own projects, adding we often emphasize our market as our fundraiser, but overlook mentioning the projects our market supports as a result.
GUEST SPEAKER – Paul Ferguson, club member and CEO Moorabbin Airport
  • Paul provided an overview of Moorabbin Airport as it stands today, its growth and impact on the local community – providing a slideshow depicting development from 1998 - 2022.   Moorabbin Airport and surrounds is much more than an airport servicing the airways.   Whilst operating as the second busiest airport in Victoria, the area contributes to the economic growth in the local community with a heavy emphasis on the retail industry.  The airport is now considered part of the community - 6,500 people currently work at the airport, when there were 3,300 people when Paul first joined.  It is the busiest training airport in the Southern Hemisphere, supports 250 businesses, and represents 9% of the business economy within the City of Kingston, with 73% of employees working within 20 minutes’ drive from the airport.  It is anticipated the airport will provide employment for 23,100 workers by 2040.  Airport management has during recent years realigned its operations to incorporate sustainable processes and participate in social programs, citing a partnership with the Goodman Charitable Foundation.  Other social programs include St Kilda ALF Next Gen and Fareshare.  The airport is in partnership with the Aviation Museum that is rebuilding and expanding its display area.  It is the largest tourist attraction in the SE, has the largest collection of Australian built aircraft and currently has 30,000 visitors annually.  This is expected to increase to 100,000 annually following the rebuild.  Paul concluded The Airport Development Plan is to provide a safe airport with its main focus on  community safety. Thank you Paul for a fabulous presentation.  For some of us this was a happy revisit to the airport and Aviation Museum following the club meeting at the airport in early December 22.
  • Next Week’s club meeting Wed 22/2 – is an evening meeting at Cilantro at 6.30pm with Tim Mason from Beachside Gift as our guest speaker.  A great opportunity to bring prospective new members and promote Rotary.
  • Social Night on Mon 20/2 at Arco Bar, Moorabbin – Jo asked members to let her or Sam know if planning to attend
  • Rosters – Market and meeting rosters were announced
MEETING CLOSE –  In closing, Glenda mentions she is currently discussing an opportunity for club members to participate in a hands on project at Fareshare – more details to follow. 
  • Imagine Rotary – and imagine how much more we could do if we had more members.