Posted by Ian Ballantine on Sep 22, 2020
We recently received a letter from Australian Exchange Student, Loretta De Nitts in Finland....
I heard Melbourne has gone into stage 4 lockdown and I just wanted to say I hope everyone is safe and well, even if you are stuck inside for another 6 weeks.
I am starting school again on the 12th August, which means my summer holidays are sadly coming to an end. I’ll be catching the bus to school again every morning at 7:30am. Not looking forward to waking up early again though. I have also applied for a language course in the near city Lahti and if I get in, I will be learning basic Finnish 1&2 every Monday and Wednesday after school, starting in September.
On the 13th and 14th July my current host family took me to Tallinn, Estonia. We took a boat from Helsinki to Tallinn which took around 2 hours and we stayed overnight. We visited the old town which was from the medieval time and it’s absolutely beautiful. The whole town is surrounded by an old defence wall and the buildings are so colourful and old.
I’m sure you’re aware of all the Finnish outbounds in Australia that recently returned. The current Australian’s met up with them in a city called Tampere. The whole day we were just sharing our experiences with each other. I also tried “Finland’s best Munkki” which is a Finnish doughnut (and they are soooooo good, I can’t stop eating them)
Talk next month!