Posted by Peter Lewis on May 27, 2020
Hello everyone (from France)
It’s been more than a month since I left Australia. I was more than sad to leave everything behind, with an unaccomplished feeling. But I will come back to check the last unchecked boxes.
However, coming back in my home country was a great feeling. I’ve met my sisters and parents again, my cats and my home, what a nice feeling! I’ve missed it a lot.
When I first arrived in France, everything was closed and we couldn’t go out without a certificate which confirmed why we were out.
So I stayed home with my family, my mom and dad were working from home and my sister was home too but she wasn’t working.
With my sister, we tried to do a lot of activities not to end up bored.
From the 11th of may, we are no longer in isolation. That means that we can go out, some shops have reopened, same as school but only children are welcome to go to school.
I don’t have this problem because I start university in September.
My family is well, I hope that all the members of the rotary club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central are well too.
Kind regards,