A very special dinner attended by: Faye and Ken, Linda and Peter, John and Margaret.
Vishal and Puja, Peter Lewis, Peter Nolan and Ian and Helen. We occupied Cilantro while another group of 19 were in the canteen area. IanB
Some comments from some members who attended…

I have been to many of the top restaurants in Melbourne and overseas over the years. “Cilantro” gets another big “tick”! On Friday evening, I, along with others attended the above for a Degustation Menu dinner prepared by students under supervision. Our Rotary group represented 12 and we were allocated the whole Cilantro Restaurant. This included Ballantine,  Mahajan, Lewis, Nolan, Weeks, Mason, O’Brien and in the main all with partners except Lewis and Nolan. An additional 19 people were being looked after elsewhere due to social distancing requirements. We were treated to a 5 course meal with (plenty of) matching wines. In all, some 30 kitchen, waiters and supervisory/teaching staff were involved which was pretty much a one on one arrangement.  The food was nothing short of “top class”! “Boss man” Greg O’Shea popped in several times to make sure everyone was “happy”
For any members that have not experienced attendance at one of these evenings, it should be on the “to do” list.
Peter M Lewis

Meaning ‘to taste’, a degustation menu usually provides six to nine dishes with small but exquisite tastes.
Last Friday. Twelve Club members enjoyed such a feast at Cilantro Restaurant. Seated at socially distanced tables of six
We were treated not only to culinary delights, but some education as well. The menu was developed and prepared by students in the Le Cordon Bleu course, all of whom are ‘International”. Based on ancient Sanskrit texts, the menu was designed to comprise the seven Chakras and three Doshas made up of the five elements of Firs, Water, Space, Air and Earth.
Each of the seven courses served was accompanied by a matching wine, mostly Australian but also from Spain and France.
Starting with 'Amuse Bouche' (to amuse the mouth) and followed by Entree, Fish, Main, Desert and Petit Fours, the menu sought to provide food for each Chakra. No one really know what that meant, but all could enjoy the galaxy of flavours and textures. It was an extravaganza and a credit to the students involved and their chef teacher. Thanks to Tony who organised our booking and Greg who orchestrated the opportunity; if another one comes up do try and book early so you don’t miss out like some did for this dinner.
John Mason