Held in Orlando, Florida January 2023.
Attended by District Governors Elect (and partners) from all over the world.
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My partner Helen and I attended International Assembly in Orlando, Florida in January, 2023. (8th - 12th)
At this annual event, District Governor Elects and partners from all over the world assemble.
There are 34 Zones (we are in Zone 8) and some 500 Districts world-wide. Consequently, there were about 1,100 people in attendance, including staff from RI and guests.
Each day's format was similar commencing with a plenary session in the one auditorium to start. This was usually followed with a break-out session, each comprising about 15 participants. DGE's all participated in the same topic while partners followed a slightly different curriculum.
Then, we would all meet together for lunch, following which was another plenary session, followed by another breakout session.
The highlight of first day's plenary was RI President Elect Gordon McInally announcing his theme for 2023-24:
Create Hope in the World - watch video
Each evening was a dinner, some informal, some formal.
On the Wednesday evening we had what is referred to as the cultural exchange evening. Everyone was encouraged to dress in either their national costume or national theme. This involved each zone hosting a table of souvenirs and displays relating to their zone's culture. Our Zone 8 comprises Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, PNG and East Timor so there is plenty of scope for a colourful display. This was followed with a fantastic informal dinner.
The final night was marked by a formal dinner featuring special guest speakers including RI President Jennifer Jones (video here) and RI President Elect Gordon McInally.
Lots more photos here