Posted by Helen Nodrum on Jun 04, 2022
Each year our club donates to Australian Rotary Health, $5,000. This donation is directed to providing funding for indigenous students.
This year’s recipient of our donation is Isobella Kruger. Isobella is currently studying medicine at Monash University and is at the fourth year level.
In her report to the club detailing the last six months since scholarship kicked in, she has done placements in Cardio-thoracic and neurosurgery along
with a two-week anaesthetic rotation.
One of her most significant placements was at Halls Gap, working at Budja Budja Aboriginal Co-op. This is a pilot program being introduced to the syllabus.
Isobella writes enthusiastically of the amazing experience working in community and learning about holistic and community approaches to medicine.
In fact, her entire report is written with great enthusiasm for the exciting learning experiences provided. She is starting off 4th year at Monash Medical
Centre doing Women’s Health and this will be followed with a Paediatric placement.
As a club we look forward to hearing more of Isobella’s journey.