Posted by Peter O'Brien
The event was held at the Sandringham Yacht Club that began at 7:00pm
Upon arrive all the ladies were given a presentation pack that included a bottle of Yarra Glen sparkling, as well as chocolates, cookies and other tasty morsels
Then the guests had to walk past the Silent Auctions items of about fifty various well presented items, that they could either bid on the way through prior to be greeted with a glass of sparkly, wine or beer before entering the room that was decorated with balloons, fancy table items and least be not least a fantastic view overlooking Port Phillip Bay, adding to the aspects of the room
There were about two hundred and fifty  attendees that added to the event, and Linda and I were warmly welcomed by others as the evening started with a welcome by Grant Holland to all those that had coming along to assist with the terrific work that the foundation continues to do   encouraging new Australians and long term unemployed to be introduced to retail experience and provide them with confidence
During the evening that there was a guest speaker of Rosie Batty who was interviewed and provided an insight into her life after such a personal tragedy and how she had to adjust her life and become resilient .
 After a delicious three course meal, there was an opportunity for attendees that take part in a Loud Auction that included accommodation at resorts in Australia.  The biding was brisk and collectively provided fierce opportunity for those to open their purse strings.
There was of the course with an array of more than ten prizes
All in all it was a great night for attendees and a very successful night for the Holland Foundation