Posted by Ian Ballantine
Well, we had the District Conference this last weekend in Warrnambool.
I am so proud of the contribution of so many of the members of our Club. All of you contributed to the outstanding success of the weekend.
Having attended so many conferences in the past and watched other Clubs help their District Governor I knew how much "in the spotlight" it places the host club.
You all did such a great job. You made me so proud of my Club and I am so very grateful.
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Also, David Liao's photos from the Conference are here.
Lead by our Club President, Ron Brownlees our members who contributed were:
Jo Impey, Sam Langridge, Sue Loeliger, Marg Lucas,  Helen Nodrum, Alan and Julie Kempton, Grant Perry, Linda and Peter O'Brien, Karin Soster and Gary, Julie Reid, Glenda and Warren Stahel, Terry Kane and Marilyn Brownlees.
All other members and partners who attended gave their support and I am very grateful. It was great that our soon to be inducted member Kevin Egan and his wife, June also attended.
I would especially like to congratulate and thank Glenda Stahel who organised and ran the Registration Desk which was, of course the face of the Club most visible to people. She was so ably assisted by Grant, who also helped the team, and especially me, with Conference registrations. Glenda certainly had her team organised and even managed to work poor Warren over the weekend when I'm sure he would have preferred to be home with his feet up. Thanks to Sam, Sue and Jo, Karin, Gary, Alan and Julie and Marilyn.
Margie and Helen ran the Green Room like clockwork, ably assisted by Julie Reid.
Peter and Linda O'Brien have been so supportive of me throughout this journey. Peter did such a great job ensuring we had everything in place and was great to see him appear to actually relax on Friday evening. Linda of course has helped me every step of the way. The outstanding success of Saturday evening is entirely down to her. Every detail, and there were many, was addressed by Linda and the evening was just amazing.
I addition, many of us either as Club members, Conference Committee members, or just best friends have spent many and evening and afternoon at Linda and Peter's house discussing and planning every aspect of the Conference over a wine and a nibble. To Linda and Peter, your loyalty, support and friendship have been invaluable and I am so very grateful.
And I'd also like to thank my Helen for her love and support and for keeping Haresh distracted!