Posted by Jo Impey
Club members enjoyed a great evening of fellowship at the premises of the Kings Park Tennis Club.
A great night for the club sampling dishes cooked by fellow members.
Photo album can be found here
 Thank you to Vishal’s amazing wife- Punjab who made a variety of curry dishes and rice, I heard Vishal assisted a little bit mainly it was thanks to Pujab we had these curries.  Other cooks included Anna with Armenian cabbage rolls, Sam with salads, Margaret and Linda with casseroles and papa dams, Jo and Helen with casserole and rice.  The meal was finished with two lovely desserts home made by Karin.  A lot of work and all fine with a smile.  
Thanks also to Helen for donning her bar tending outfit and providing service for the night from start to the very finish.  And many hands pitched in to get the dishes done - thank you all.  
Another fun night for the club is coming up at the Arco Bar in September, details here.
Photo album can be found here