Posted by helen on Apr 02, 2023
Our club was represented by members Peter O’Brien, Samantha Langridge and Helen Nodrum.
Congratulations to the members of Glen Eira’s sustainability, parks and gardens teams on what was a very successful morning during which 2,000 shrubs, groundcovers and grasses were planted by 150 community volunteers at Wattle Grove Reserve in McKinnon.

The beauty of this day was firstly that the team at Glen Eira were highly organised and  had pre-dug the spots for plants to be planted into and in general placed the plants ready to go directly into the ground, which meant that volunteers knew exactly what they had to do and nobody was left standing around wondering what next.
 It was all magnificently mapped out and organised.
Secondly, and more importantly families attended, with the children encouraged and facilitated to be involved with the planting  – wonderful opportunity for them to be
introduced to plant life and the importance of our gardens.
An additional extra was a talk provided by Local naturalist Gio Fitzpatrick who shared his knowledge about indigenous plants, and the biodiversity of gardens
 to attract local bird life in the area. Gio’s passion and commitment to sustainable gardening was very evident and he provided a wealth of information to help us address the biodiversity of our own gardens whether big or small.
To complement Gio’s talk there were booklets and pamphlets on Indigenous plants, and a Biodiversity Map detailing where across Glen Eira birds, mammals, frogs, fish
and lizards can be found.
A great opportunity to appreciate “Nature next door” and be open and informed as to what is around us in the city of Glen Eira.