Posted by Helen Nodrum on Apr 28, 2018

I enjoy community projects so it was without hesitation that I volunteered to assist on Saturday 29th April with a combined rotary project of removing and storing approximately 100 beds, overhead tables and lockers that had been donated from the premises of the Old Peter MacCallum Hospital in St. Andrews Place.

I am not sure how many people we had across the day with the various comings and goings but something in the order of 50+was probably near the figure. Importantly they came from 16 different Rotary Clubs.

Our job was to wheel the equipment from the hospital floors to the loading dock where a very large container had been put in place. This container was filled with 60 beds, mattresses and other equipment, bound for eventual shipment to the Khmer – Soviet Friendship Hospital in Cambodia.

The Marsh Foundation is covering the costs of shipping.

Once the container was loaded we then set about filling In all 7 van loads of equipment back to the DIK storage warehouse  – the last one with the doors tied back as we could not get the very last bed completely into the van. It arrived safely and thankfully did not draw any attention from any of the “powers that be!”

That means 27 high back chairs, 84 bedside lockers and 60 over bed tables plus about 26 beds including 3 beds for several local needs.

The balance of the beds is destined for a hospital in Java and for several of the other “wish lists”  on the go.

For me this was a most impressive operation, well planned and executed and it provided me the opportunity to talk with lots of other Rotary folk from many other clubs.

Thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to be involved in “ROTARY MAKING A DIFFERENCE”.