Posted by Karin Soster on Sep 07, 2022
John Mason chaired this week’s club meeting at Cilantro, and called upon Paul to conduct the loyal toast and Sam to conduct the invocation. Tony, Charles, Geoff (Gledhill) and Glenda joined the meeting via Zoom.    John welcomed guest Jane Baker from Riding for the Disabled.   Today’s meeting was a Club Forum providing an opportunity to discuss club matters.
    Linda invited Jane Baker to the podium and presented a club donation cheque of $2,000 for Riding for the Disabled Association.  Jane advises they have 80 riders on their books and the funds will be used to purchase hay bales to feed the horses – often using up to 60 hay bales each month.
    Margaret and Chairman John wished each other happy birthday presenting club birthday cards for their respective birthdays a week apart – Margaret on 1/9 and John on 7/9.  Happy Birthday Margaret and John.
    DG Visit - Margaret reminded everyone D.G. Ken Miller will visit the club next Wednesday 14/9
    Club End of Year Function – will be held on Sunday 11 December at Packer Park where the Rotunda has been booked.  More details will be advised closer to the date
    Rotary Club of Oakleigh and Huntingdale invitation – the club has extended an invitation to a club breakfast on Tuesday 20/9
    Rotary Club of Monash  – the club is running an Auction on 15/9 and holding a Charity Golf day on 17/10
    ROMAC – our club received a thank you letter from ROMAC for our club donation of $2,000
    District Membership Seminar – will be held on 5/11
CLUB FORUM – Chaired by Larry Green
    Larry referred everyone to the agenda that was distributed to all club members listing topics for discussion in today’s club forum.  Below is a summary of additional commentary on the topics discussed:
    Ron mentions we are very fortunate to have the market and commended the club members  of R.C. Bentleigh for having the foresight to start the market in the 1970’s adding fund raising is always a challenge for Rotary clubs having to come up with ways to raise funds.  Attending the market when rostered is a commitment we ask of all new members when they join our club.
    The market is still recovering from Covid
    Having only one gate open for pedestrian access is sufficient and enables us to do what needs to be done whilst enjoying each other’s fellowship at the same time
    There was a suggestion to have all access gateways remain open with money spinners positioned at the gate for donations, however, our terms and conditions for stall holders is to remain at the market until closure time - having the gates set up restricts vehicular movement within the market whilst the market is operating for public safety.    
    A further suggestion was for stallholders to carry tables and racks to/from their stall when hiring them from the office.  Ron confirmed club members are not expected to carry tables and racks for the stallholders.
    Ron and the market committee welcomes suggestions for improving the market and its operations.  Peter O followed up adding club members should address any concerns to the committee for consideration and any appropriate action.
    A committee has been set up to consider opportunities for other fund raising activities outside the Bentleigh market with Greg O’Shea as chair and committee members – Linda O’Brien and Tim Lynch.
    Club members are invited to make suggestions to the committee – ideas for group activities are most welcome
    For inspiration – club members are encouraged to visit other clubs to check for what they do – not necessarily to replicate but as a source for ideas on what could be considered
    Our club currently acknowledges our First Nation – with an acknowledgement on the cover slide displayed at club meetings.
    We have had a guest speaker who explained the reference to acknowledgement of our first nation, and our club currently supports MITS, and Australian Rotary Health to provide a scholarship for a health professional with the aim of promoting and improving the health of our indigenous communities.
    Geoff Gartly added his Scouts club acknowledges our First Nation, and school students embrace activities involving indigenous communities.
    Our club welcomes suggestions for projects or ways our club can engage and support our indigenous communities.   Past President Helen suggested having a forum for obtaining consensus on suggestions as it is difficult to obtain 100% support amongst all club members
    Our club receives occasional enquiries for membership via the club website and Facebook.    Anna has offered to follow up these enquiries and pass on details to the Membership committee.
    Geoff Gartly manages the Facebook page and says it is a good medium for club publicity – adding we need a project outside the market for promoting on Facebook to take advantage of the exposure it can provide.
    Tim L mentions our Bentleigh Market needs more publicity and suggested advertising on a digital bill board in Nepean Highway as it provides a lot of exposure  – cost of $5,000 per month
    Marriott House – Larry provided the background to our club’s association with Marriott House.  Current plans involve a partnership with Men’s Shed to build garden beds at Marriott House, to be followed by  club members doing a general cleanup of the garden.  Further details will be provided closer to the time.
    McKinnon Secondary College – Sam is seeking volunteers to run a sausage sizzle at McKinnon Secondary College on Friday for a fund raising event.
    Jo reminded club members of last week’s presentation by Team Sports for All, adding she and Helen have offered to be volunteers for their program, however they are looking for a few more volunteers.  Anyone with queries can direct them to Jo or Helen.
R U OK day – Geoff Gartly
    Geoff provided a reminder to everyone that tomorrow is R U OK day, and to consider contacting club members who do not attend meetings on a regular basis.  
    John relayed a humorous story about two ladies on a bus with only one seat to spare – and how the bus driver resolved the situation.
MEETING CLOSE – President Margaret
In closing the meeting Margaret provided the following comments:
    Margaret encourages club members to think of other activities outside of the market, adding we should not be totally dependent on one activity
    Margaret has appointed John to chair a Market Review Committee to look at marketing the market
    Zone 8 Regionalisation Project – President Margaret is conducting the club member voting for participation in the Zone 8 Rotary Regionalisation project – issuing and collecting voting slips at this week’s meeting and next week.   Margaret will advise our club voting result to District later this month.
    Indigenous issues – Margaret mentions our club is already making steps in this area, and suggests that we pace this slowly
    Sergeant sessions and International Club Toasts – moving forward, Sergeant sessions will be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, and the International Club Toasts on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.  
Margaret closed the meeting with this year’s Rotary theme – Imagine Rotary