Posted by Karin Soster on Nov 15, 2023
President Ron chaired today’s club meeting at Cilantro where we enjoyed a Cordon Bleu buffet breakfast prepared by the cookery school budding chefs.  Julie performed invocation, and Faye performed the loyal toast.    Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.  Guests included Marilyn Brownlees, and Gary Ramage.   Apologies came from Paul Ferguson, Geoff Gartly, Kelly Carruthers, Barry Oliver, Helen Nodrum and John Mason.
High Tea at The Healey -  Sunday’s high tea was a wonderful event enjoyed by all who attended with lovely food and refreshments in the well decked community room at The Healey – and made all the more fun with Tim Lynch entertaining everyone whilst auctioning a wide range of items for sale.    It was a very successful afternoon, and in no small measure, it was due to all the hard work over many weeks led by Faye, Sue, and the team -  Grant who cooked up some delicious scones, Tim, our auctioneer, Larry, Warren and Ken, who looked resplendent in their black aprons and swish red bow ties and keeping everyone refreshed with drinks, and a team of club members who helped on the day – Sam, Marilyn, Glenda, Marg, Neville, Terry and Alan.  My apologies from this bulletin reporter if anyone has been missed.
BMC AGM – will be held next week on Wednesday 22 November.  Our financial statements have been prepared by the auditor, and will be available for club members to peruse at the AGM.
District 9810 AGM – will be held on Thursday 23 November.  President Ron will attend, and may be joined by a couple of other club members.
Club Subscriptions – these were due for payment by 31 October 2023.  A couple are still outstanding and will be followed up.
Rotary Council of Resolution – President Ron announced resolutions that has been put to the Council of Resolution.  The following three resolutions were passed – An upper age limit of 30 for Rotaract membership, RI Board to better explain processes around the Regionalisation Pilot program, Corporate partnerships with a Global reach be adopted.  Other resolutions failed to pass.  Members can obtain further details of matters considered by the Rotary Council of Resolution on the RI Website.
Club Survey - Today’s meeting provided club members to consider current club processes and an opportunity to vote for change.    A survey was issued recently to all club members, and based on responses received a follow-up survey was emailed to club members during this past week, and presented at today’s meeting for club members to vote.   The following matters were presented with the following results:
i) Does the club support inclusion of the Loyal Toast at meetings.  Result – club members voted Yes to a toast to Rotary and Australia, but elected to remove the toast to the monarchy.
ii) Invocation – does the club support a modified version of the Invocation – For good food, good fellowship, and the opportunity of service through Rotary, We give thanks.  Result - club members voted Yes.
iii) Would club members agree to combine the toast and invocation to be presented together rather than as two separate presentations i.e.  For good food, good fellowship, and the opportunity of service through Rotary, we give thanks.  I have much pleasure in proposing a toast to Rotary, Australia and its people.  Result – club members voted Yes.
iv) Does the club prefer to be a breakfast meeting club (whilst still retaining the once a month evening meeting) or a dinner meeting club.   Result - club members preferred to remain a breakfast meeting club with the once a month evening meeting.
v) Does the club prefer to meeting weekly or fortnightly.  Result – club members prefer meeting weekly.
Mahjong – Mahjong is suspended until next year.
BMC End of Year Celebration – will be held on Sunday 10 December at the Café at Dendy Park.  A fully catered BBQ Lunch at $40 per head with drinks from the bar.  A flyer was placed on today’s tables.  Sam will process payments at next week’s club meeting 22/11 with final payments required by Wednesday 29/11.
Glenda outlined travel she and Warren will undertake over the coming weeks – travelling to Thailand and catching up with Alan Brown, who had visited our club earlier this year, and participating in a fund raising Golf Day as a major project.    This will be followed by a visit to the Philippines and the R.C. of South Davao, our sister club in the Philippines, where Glenda will be hosted for a range of activities including attending a medical mission when cataract surgery will be performed for indigenous people.  Glenda will provide a report on her return.
This year’s nomination committee was made up by Linda O’Brien, Larry Green and Karin Soster.  Linda announced the committee’s nominations for next week’s AGM for the Rotary year 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025.   The nominations were: President – Tim Lynch; Vice President – Linda O’Brien; Secretary – Neville Kruss; Treasurer – Sue Loeliger; and 2 directors to serve a 2 year term for the period 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2026 – Terry Kane and Julie Reid.    Ron Brownlees will assume the role of Immediate Past President, and Larry Green and Tim Lynch remain on the board to serve the 2nd year of their 2 year term.   However, with Tim Lynch taking on the role of President, and provided his nomination is successful, this will create a vacancy on the board which will be managed by the board at the beginning of the Rotary year 1 July 2024.   A nomination for President Nominee has not been determined and remains open.