Posted by karin on May 04, 2022
Geoff Gledhill was our chairperson today at Cilantro, and called upon Greg O’Shea for invocation and Larry Green for the royal toast.  Anna Mouradian, who visited our club last week, joined us again today as a club guest.  Ian was absent from today’s meeting, so there was no Zoom.
Club International Toast – Grant Perry
    This week our club toasted President Mariano Marin Albi and the Rotary Club of Gijon, Kingdom of Spain – located in south western Europe.  Territories include the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, and borders France, Portugal Andorra and Gibraltar, and coasts – Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  Madrid is the capital, and total population is 47 Million.  Iberia was populated by hominids about 1.2 million years ago, and modern humans arrived about 35,000 years ago. More recent history shows migration of Celtic and Eastern Mediterranean tribes in 1000 BC, followed by the Romans 218BC -  420AD.  466AD saw the creation of the Visigothic Kingdom under Euric – the first monarch. Wars followed, a strategic marriage and the merging of kingdoms have resulted in modern day Spain. Spain has 17 autonomous regions.  Gijon is in the region of Asturias that is located in North West Spain on the Bay of Biscay.  Oviedo is the capital, and Gijon is its largest city – first settled between 6th and 5th centuries BC.   Today’s population is 274,000.  For centuries, the economy was based on agriculture, fishing and dairying – however, industries in modern times have been coal mining and steel production, and tourism is now of increasing importance.  Club projects include: the inauguration of the ‘Rotary Forest’ on International Forest Day on 21st March 2022 with 5,666m2 repurposed land planted with 61 varieties of native trees – all financed by companies and individuals; a multi club project to clean up and repaint properties and; a project supporting a vocational training centre.  Thank you Grant for a very well informed presentation.
President Report – President Helen
    Birthdays – President Helen and the club wished Ron Brownlees a happy birthday for Friday this week.  A happy birthday wish is also extended to Terry Kane – who was absent from today’s meeting
    Art Auction – Helen reminded everyone of the Art Auction on Saturday 7 May
    Thank you letters – we have received thank you letters from the following
    Kingston Heath Primary School thanked our club for providing funds of $350 to enable a student whose mother passed away to attend a school camp
    R.C. Whittlesea for the coin spinner which has helped increase their level of fund raising
    South Caulfield Community House thanked our club for donation of $2,000 for developing their nature strip garden and education program.
    - our club will be invited to attend the community house for morning tea on 31 May.  Pres. Helen will check if this can be written up in the Glen Eira council newsletter adding marketing is a strong focus for our club
    Club Succession planning – President Helen, President Elect Margaret and President Nominee Peter have been meeting regularly to discuss club strategy and future plans for the club moving forward to enable smooth transition from one year to the next
    Evening meeting – we are trialing evening meetings to provide variety in our meeting program with Wednesday 25 May being the first evening meeting at Cilantro at 6.15am for 6.30pm start.  Faye Kirkwood from the R.C. Caulfield will be our guest speaker and will talk about the life and importance of bees.  Partners are welcome to attend.  Cost will be the standard $25 for an evening meal and coffee/tea.  Drinks will be available at bar prices.
Guest Speaker – Katrina Amon – Indigenous matters matter
    Katrina Amon is a Quandamooka woman and was born and grew up on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland – Quandamooka peoples are composed of three tribes, the Nunukul, the Goenpul and Ngugi.   She was a teacher at Parkdale Secondary College for 34 years before taking up a newly created role of Indigenous Development Manager at St Kilda Football Club.  Education in indigenous culture is important for understanding the indigenous players at the club, adding all players at St Kilda F.C. undergo a 5 week education course. Katrina was involved in the flag movement to remove copyright infringement for using the Aboriginal flag. Katrina outlined her teaching history on indigenous culture at Parkdale Secondary Collate  where Year students complete a 4 week course, and Year 9 students complete a 9 week course.  She taught indigenous culture in Years 5 & 6 at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School.  Katrina feels there should be more indigenous culture taught in schools to provide a better understanding adding “our culture is your culture”.  Katrina will advise Chairperson Geoff Gledhill of the dates to celebrate Koori Day.   Katrina loves her role at St Kilda Football Club adding it is very different from her teaching role at Parkdale S.C. where school work comes home with you to continue at home, whereas her role at St Kilda F.C. is a different working environment and work finishes at the end of the day, providing her with free time to do other things such as art that she enjoys. She has a nickname – MOK – Mother of Karl (Amon) who plays for Port Adelaide.  She is a keen supporter of St Kilda and her support is tied when St Kilda plays Port Adelaide – wishing for a good game for her son Karl, and hoping for St Kilda to win the game.  She looks after 9 indigenous players at St Kilda encouraging them  to get involved in activities for reconciliation week, help them address any issues they have such as homesickness and dealing with any mental health issues.  She encourages them to return home to maintain family connections – an important component of their culture.  The club is mindful of their players’ welfare and has imbedded indigenous culture within the club.   Katrina had three items on her to do list – have the acknowledgement of country and a smoking ceremony at Marvel stadium to commence the football season; take the St Kilda players to Cape York to visit boys and girls at boarding schools and create a the Ya Ya room at St Kilda Football club to celebrate their indigenous players and display photos of all the club’s indigenous players. “Welcome to Country” can only be performed by elders or representatives from the tribe of the land, whilst anyone can perform “Acknowledgement to Country”.  Katrina touched on her culture and history explaining indigenous people suffered discrimination, depression and isolation and were recognized and classified as ‘flora and fauna’ until the 1970’s.  Her great grandmother was a member of the stolen generation with no education, unable to read or write and used an X cross for her signature.  Katrina has drawn inspiration from Kath Walker, the poet, activist and public speaker, and fired her passion for education. 3 June this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Mabo decision to acknowledge the traditional rights of indigenous people and paved the way for native title in Australia.  Katrina had a lot to say, and certainly had everyone reflecting on indigenous culture and how history is being reshaped to be more respectful and appreciative of the rich culture of indigenous peoples and Torres Strait islanders.   
Club Announcements
    Jo Impey reminded everyone of Nicole and the Soup Angel, advising the soup kitchen is going well preparing soup at the Moorleigh Centre in Bignell Road.  However, they could always do with a few extra helping hands.  The next cook up is on Monday 9/5 at 6:30 pm if anyone wishes to join in.
    President Helen advises our club has partnered with Karkarook Park for joint activities - Karkarook Park is having a cleanup day on Saturday 14/5 commencing at 9:30am and called for volunteers to join in.
    Felicia from St Kilda F.C. will be our guest speaker next week
    Jennifer Jones, our next RI President drew inspiration from our indigenous culture for the artwork design for next year’s Rotary Theme, following a visit to Queensland earlier this year.
    The rosters for next week’s club meeting and Bentleigh market were announced before President Helen closed the meeting.