Posted by Karin Soster on May 29, 2024
Our new club member, Barry Oliver, was our chairperson for today's club meeting at Cilantro.  Larry Green performed the invocation and toast to Rotary and Australia.
Guests included James Grant, Dee Mason, and James Aloni and Clare from the Salvation Army as our guest speakers. 
GUEST SPEAKERS - James and Clare - Salvation Army Youth Services   
James and Clare operate out of Salvation Army Youth Services where they provide a wide range of services to youths seeking shelter and support for varying reasons.  The Salvation Army provides youth services in a variety of programs across Victoria - James is a psychologist who joined the Salvation Army a few months ago, and Clare is a manager of youth services for 14 years.     Statistics show 25% of homeless people are below the age of 25 - many escaping family violence, family breakdown and needing crisis accommodation.   One of the Salvation Army programs provides accommodation for young homeless people to enable them to continue their education and/or seek training for employment.  They also partnered with PCYC - Police and Citizen Youth Club that supports their accommodation program.  They manage an accommodation venue in Upton Road St Kilda which over the years has supported approximately 400 people aged between 16 - 25, providing refuge accommodation, outreach support, transitional and supported housing in a safe environment whilst youths continue with their schooling or receive training as a pathway to employment.   Unfortunately, the property in Upton Road has been sold, and its operations as an accommodation venue will cease.   The Salvation Army is looking at a proposed accommodation venue in Moorabbin to purchase as a replacement and is seeking ongoing relationships with organisations that can lend support - whether this is financial support or hands-on support, and welcomes any assistance that may be offered.   Thank you James and Clare for your very informative presentation and providing an insight to challenges young homeless people face, and the services provided by the Salvation Army to support these young people in their desire for a better life. 
RYDA Event - 19 August 2024 - Ron is seeking 6 volunteers to help out at the RYDA event at Sandown Racecourse 9am - 2.30pm. 
ROSTERS - were announced.
President Ron closed the meeting with this year's theme - Create Hope in the World.