Alan Kempton was today’s chairperson, with Grant conducting Invocation and Ron the Loyal Toast.   Special guests from the Philippines and guests of member, Terry Kane, were P.E. Sonia Garcia, Kathy Uy, PP Arthur Uy and daughter Kaely Uy – who are attending this year’s Rotary Convention in Melbourne.   Charles joined the meeting via Zoom.
Photos to come
  • Glenda welcome our special guests, followed with the very pleasant duty of presenting PE Ron Brownlees with a PHF for contributions to The Rotary Foundation.    
  • The RI Club Constitution has been amended by the RI Council of Legislation that reviews and updates the RI Constitution every three years.  John Mason is reviewing our clubs constitution which will be presented to club members for approval.
  • Our club has issued a letter of notice to Launch Housing to end our agreement.  An open discussion is planned to discuss further at our next club’s fellowship meeting.
  • President Glenda acknowledged and thanked Greg O’Shea for his contribution to the club following his resignation from Holmesglen Tafe to take up managing a Quest Apartment complex in Geelong.  
GUEST SPEAKER – Sonia Garcia, PE Rotary Club of South Davao
  • PE Sonia has had a long association with Rotary, with her father being a Rotarian, and her sister having been a Youth Exchange Student.  Sonia provided a PowerPoint presentation of the history of her club and their current projects.    The Rotary Club of South Davao was chartered 12 February 1968, and currently has 21 members comprising 12 men and 9 women.  The club focus is to work on a project each week.  Many projects service the indigenous peoples of the Philippines on the Island of Mindanao.   They partner with Share a Dream which provides funding and resources for projects that include medical services and procedures for the indigenous population such as cataract surgery.   The PowerPoint presentation displayed photos and videos of their many projects at work – these included, development of  Rotary Village House, supporting sick and malnourished children, aged care support, computers for Mindanao tribal school, water tanks programs and solar lighting.   One of the club’s more recent initiatives was to fund a weaving school with aims to provide work and education for the local community and  through targeted  marketing, aims to become sustainable as a commercial business moving forward.   The weaving project currently manufactures shawls and baskets using traditional weaving methods -  a sample collection of shawls  was on display for members to purchase.    Sonia concluded her presentation offering President Glenda with a shawl from the Weaving School and a miniature replica of a house funded by our club – a project as a result of Covid.   We swapped club banners and signed a Twin City Certificate of Recognition between our two clubs to establish a partnership to further international understanding and foster goodwill through long-standing fellowship and international service.  Thank you Sonia for your very spirited presentation, and to club member Terry Kane for instigating our relationship with the Rotary Club of South Davao as a further testament to the wonderful work of Rotary.
  • Club rosters were announced
  • Parking details for the RI Convention club dinner on Monday 29/5 will be distributed
  • A reminder of upcoming events – dinner on 10/6 at home of Faye and Ken; and Club changeover on Sat 24/6, and District changeover on Sat 1/7.
  • Sue announced free hearing tests will be conducted at The Healey on Monday 5/6 – all club members are welcome to participate.