Posted by Margaret Mason on Jun 09, 2021
Sue Loeliger was Chair. Members watched a video on a presentation made by Jessie harman at the multi-district conference in May 2021.  Jessie is a member of the Rotary Club of Wendouree in Ballarat and will be on the R.I. Board from the next Rotary year  on 1 July 2021 Jessie’s presentation is about the future of Rotary and is entitled “ Rotary in the next 100 years.”
President Geoff gave an update on the Peter Lewis Matter. Arbitrators and an Umpire have been appointed and they will consider submissions.
Jessie stated that the decisions and actions we take today will shape tomorrow. The 5 actions identified by her are:-
    Women in Rotary.   Jessie is pleased that increasing numbers of women are joining Rotary. Women now comprise approximately 25% of the membership. Women are also taking up leadership roles and they bring energy, enthusiasm, and capability into the organisation. From the next Rotary year, half the members on the Rotary International Board will be women.
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  There will be a task force of Rotarians and Rotaractors to guide the board on addressing this issue. Learning resources will be built around the Rotary 4 Way Test which will be true to the object of Rotary.
    Rise of new types of Rotary club.  Examples are the passport clubs and the Alumni clubs for past participants of RYLA and Rotaractors. Another example will be Corporate clubs such as the Bentley (Car Company) Club and the Nurses and Midwives Club. They are all part of Rotary and will have impact and strengthen Rotary.
    Introduction of ‘Environment’ as the 7th area of focus in Rotary from 1 July 2021.  This will increase the impact of Rotary and may bring a new group of supporters.
    Strategic Focus on Innovation and Flexibility. This will be in the governance and will guide the way we interact with volunteers. Rotarians must take the opportunity to adapt to remain relevant and responsive. We must increase our ability to innovate and adapt in order to increase our reach and impact.

Jessie’s call to action is:-
Seek to diversify club members and to have a better understanding of problems.
Put members at the heart of Rotary and take time to make the club fit members and not members fit the club.
Do all we can to make a difference in the community
Tackle the future with positivity and optimism.
There was a lengthy discussion on the future of RCBMC after the video and this did not leave time for a Sergeant’s session.