Posted by Karin Soster on Jun 01, 2022
 Neville was the chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro and performed the Acknowledgement of Country.  Glenda performed the invocation and Faye performed the loyal toast.  Tony, Charles and Clare O’Brien, our club RYLA recipient, joined the meeting via Zoom.
International Club Toast – Grant Perry
       Today’s club toast was to President Theo Thiry and the members of the R.C. of Echternach et Moselle, Grand Duchy  of Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is a landlocked country bordered by France, Belgium and Germany with a population of 640,000.  The club is in District 2160 that has 2800 members in 68 Rotary clubs and 5 Rotaract clubs.  Habitation of Luxembourg dates back to over 35,000 years ago. In more recent times, Celtic tribes occupied the area from 600BC until 100AD.  The Romans invaded in 54BC and remained there until 480AD.  The Luxembourg Castle was built in 963AD.  Over the years, Luxembourg has been controlled by the Roman Empire, the Hapsburg Netherlands, Austrian empire, the Spanish empire, the Netherlands, France and Prussia.  The Grand Duchy was created in 1815, and then claimed in 1831 by Belgium. The Treaty of London in 1839 created a final partition and independence, and Luxembourg has remained neutral since 1870 – though it was occupied by Germany during WWI and WWII.  Echternach was established in 689AD, is located on the Sure River in the Sure Valley, has a population of 5,700 and is 39km NE of Luxembourg city.   The R.C. of Echternach organized a cabaret show for 1 April 2022 to herald the end of Covid related restrictions. The club meets every Tuesday evening in the Hotel BEL Air, Echternach.
Club Announcements – Present Helen
    Caulfield South Community Garden – Helen thanked those who attended the morning tea on Tuesday 31 May.
    Danny Frawley Centre Tour – Helen reminded everyone the tour to the Danny Frawley Centre will follow immediately after today’s club meeting.
D.G. Dr Daryl Moran – Message for Clubs
    Helen invited D.G. Dr Daryl Moran to the club meeting via Zoom.
    D.G. Daryl commented on the club’s resilience in meeting the challenges presented via Covid lockdowns during these past two years and mentioned D9810 has pioneered the use of Zoom for conducting meetings within Australia and New Zealand.  Whilst face to face meetings are the ideal, Zoom has enabled clubs to meet and for club members to remain engaged and connected.    Technology has provided new ways of meeting in the 21st century.  He had 3 main messages to pass on for clubs to continue engagement.
    1. Persevere with what we are doing – D.G. Daryl acknowledged Ian’s contribution for showing the way how to use technology to run meetings.
    2. Make meetings diverse – Zoom enables guest speakers who are outside and remote from the club’s location to attend and present to the club
    3. Enjoy your club meetings, but extend beyond the club boundaries and add diversity in your projects to maintain interest
    D.G. Daryl advises online training for using technology for meetings is available on the District’s You Tube channel.  Queries can also be directed to Trish Carr at district level or Peter Dalwood at the R.C. of Boronia for further assistance.
Guest Speaker – Grant Holland from the Holland Foundation
    Grant is the CEO of the Holland Foundation.   He provided a brief outline of his background having worked in various roles in foster care, family counselling services, child and youth protection with other welfare agencies before commencing the Holland Foundation in 2004 to continue the work and legacy of his grandparents – Sir George and Lady May Holland.    Today’s presentation focused on the programs and services provided at the Holland Foundation Op Shop in Bentleigh.  There has been a lot of change in the working environment in the past two years – many people’s working lives have changed, and for some people this has resulted in reduced work (or no work) and a reduction in working experiences.  Whilst loss of income and financial certainty is a challenge, more insidious is the gradual sense of a loss of confidence and identity many people experience when no longer employed.  Programs at the Holland Foundation provides retail and office administration training to the long-term unemployed – rebuilding confidence and restoring skills for older workers seeking to re-enter the workforce and providing valuable work experience for school leavers – many of whom lack the required social skills to engage with customers and the working community.   Out of the 770 trainees who have participated in training programs in the past 9 years - 55% have been successful in finding employment.  Grant tries to reinforce the need to be realistic with job expectations and to build up from there.  Having work experience on a resume is important for new job seekers and work at McDonalds is well received for young people seeking work.   The age range for trainees starts with students seeking work experience to senior people looking to re-enter the workforce.   Many trainees are referred by other welfare and service agencies.  The Holland Foundation is not for profit and does not receive any government funding.   
    President Helen presented Grant with a cheque for $3873.20 for the Holland Foundation to purchase a printer and supply food for the trainees.
Club Donation – Marriott Support Services
    Linda O’Brien moved a motion for club members to vote on the board’s approved donation to Marriott Support Services for $14,000 to purchase a mobile portable projector.  Margaret Mason seconded the motion – the motion was carried.  Linda further explained our club has applied for a district grant which will reduce the club’s donation, if the grant is successful.  
Change Overs – Club and District
    Margaret asked club members to advise her of any dietary requirements for the Club Changeover on 18/6.
    President Helen reminded everyone anyone planning to attend the District Changeover on 25/6 will need to register on the district website
Rosters – the rosters for the next club meeting and market were announced
President Helen closed the meeting.