Peter O’Brien was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.    Charles R. PP Glenda S and Karin S joined the meeting via Zoom. 


DISTRICT 9810 CONFERENCE - Warrnambool Friday22 March – Sunday 24th March 2024

D.G. Ian advised early bird bookings for the conference will open Monday 24th July at 9.00am. Early bird registrations are $225 per person for the first 100 registrations, rising to $275 per person for the remaining registrations.  The conference venue caters for up to 600 people, however, the venue for the Saturday night dinner will only cater for 350 people – it will be a case of first in, best dressed.   Registrations are via Try Booking – a  link will be provided on the District website. 

The WHOVA App, which was used in the past two conferences, will not be used for next year’s conference.  A QR code will be available for members to keep up to date with conference details.


Peter Behm -DG nominee district 2015 for 2024/25 spoke on Rewards program for district have distributed 415 Hoodies, 192 Polo shirts and altogether over 1700 items including caps, mugs and pens.    Our club has received polo shirts that will be distributed next week.


Budget - the board approved a budget for the Club Fellowship Committee which will be helpful for planning social events this year.

RSL Cheltenham evening - Sam reminded members of the next social event on Thursday 27/7 at RSL Cheltenham. 

Mahjong – negotiations are underway for future Mahjong evenings to be held at Moorleigh Village in Bignell Road with a few details still being finalised.  It may be mid-August before the next Mahjong evening is held.   Everyone will be kept informed.


Larry advises Wednesday 1st November will be a Membership drive evening meeting.    

 GUEST SPEAKER:  Kellie Carruthers - Member behind the badge

Kellie was born in Sydney, her parents initially came for the country. Her grandfather was Mayor of Moree and was in Rotary.

Kellie has three siblings, four children and five grandchildren.

She has lived in many different areas and regions of Australia and has had a variety of jobs, from retail, to working in the arts in a variety of roles she has also done nursing and worked in Health Care until now working at Marriott services.

In addition to her work Kellie also does tattooing- re inking old tattoos especially old military tattoos.

Her interests include hiking, travel, horror movies and taxidermy.


John referenced the back pages of the latest RDU magazine, paying particular attention to the Centurion Club – and encouraged all members to consider joining “the club”.

Followers of Melbourne and Geelong were fined – for barracking winning teams no less!!.

 ROSTERS - for next week were announced.

 Meeting closed with this year’s theme:  Create Hope in the World