Posted by Margaret Mason on Jul 14, 2021
The chair for the meeting was Terry Kane, and the guest speaker was Andrew Campbell from Neuaudio. President Helen welcomed members and advised that the Board, at its meeting on 13 July, decided to contribute $5,000 to the Storm Relief Fund in District 9810. This is to be ratified by members vote in 2 weeks time. There will be a dinner at Mulgrave Country Club for returned “Outgoing Exchange Students “ on 6 August 2021
Andrew Campbell, from Neuaudio Hearing and Brain Health, made a very informative and relevant presentation on the correlation between hearing impairment and cognitive decline. The most common causes of hearing loss are ageing and exposure to loud noises. According to Andrew, most people delay for approximately 10 years to seek treatment for hearing loss. He stated that studies have revealed that the brain reorganises to adjust to hearing loss, and numerous studies published in leading medical journals, e.g. The Lancet, documented how hearing loss has affected brain function and degeneration. Fortunately, hearing loss is treatable. Again, studies have proven that the treatment of hearing loss will result in significant improvement in functional cognitive impairment.
Dementia has at least 2 of the following causes: memory loss, communication difficulties, attention deficit, reasoning and judgement and issues in visual perception challenges. Therefore hearing loss is the number one modifiable factor for the prevention of dementia. The consequences of hearing loss impacts more on others than on the individual with the problem.
Andrew stated that in general, ? of people with hearing aids do not wear them, ? of people wear them around 2 hours per day, and only ? wear them during their waking hours. Andrew stressed that in order for hearing aids to be effective in assisting with improvement in cognitive functional impairment, they must be worn for at least 12 hours a day.
Andrew presented all members with his book “Hearing, the Mind Robber” and offered a free first consultation. Details on studies Andrew cited in his presentation can be found in his book, along with notes on his qualifications and experience.
Sergeant John M was left with a short time to  demonstrate the new approach to fines with some Rotary history and announcement of ‘Happy Fines’ where members could have bragging rights to announce happy events in their lives.