Posted by Karin Soster on Jul 13, 2022
Alan Kempton was our chairperson for today’s club meeting at Cilantro.  Tim L performed the invocation, and Larry performed the loyal toast.  Glenda, Julie and Jo joined the meeting via Zoom and Debbie Taylor was a visiting guest returning for a second time.
International Club Toast – Grant
       Today’s International Club Toast was to President Jim Millington and the members of the Rotary Club of Port Hope in Canada.  Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with a land border to the USA, and sea borders to Greenland and France (Saint Pierre and Miquelon).  Canada has three territories and 10 provinces, a population of 38 Million, 70% of whom live within 100km of the border to USA.  Ottawa is the capital, and Toronto is its largest city.  Canada has a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.  Inhabitation of Canada dates back 50,000-17,000YA when falling sea levels enabled people to move from Siberia into northwest North America, and 16,000YA when the glaciers in Canada began receding allowing people to move further into Canada via ice free land corridors.  In more recent history John Cabot, a Genoese navigator, landed in Newfoundland in 1497 and claimed the land for England, and in 1534 Jacques Cartier claimed the Gaspe Peninsula for France.   In 1763, following the Seven Year War, France ceded most of its colonies in North America that were east of the Mississippi River to Great Britain.   1 July 1867, the Dominion of Canada was created by he union of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.  Other areas followed suit quite quickly - – Rupert’s Land in 1870, British Columbia in 1871, Prince Edward Island in 1873, and finally Newfoundland in 1949.  Canada became a sovereign state in 1982.
    Port Hope is located in the central region of Southern Ontario, in the province of Ontario where Toronto is the capital and largest city. It lies at the mouth of the Ganaraska River on the north shore of Lake Ontario and is approx. 109km east of Toronto and 200km from Ottawa.  Its population is 16,500, and was first called Smith’s Creek in 1793 when British loyalists settled in the area on land granted by the crown.   In 1812, the name was changed to Port Hope.     
    Port Hope is in District 7070 that covers Southern Ontario, with 55 Rotary clubs and more than 1960 members.  The Rotary Club of Port Hope was chartered 1 April 1922, has 23 members and meets each Monday evening at the Knights of Columbus Hall.  Project and Fundraising activities include a Christmas Tree fund raiser to support community and international projects, a library literacy project to build small libraries for the community to stock and use, and more recently, $4,800 funds raised for Shelter Box to provide emergency housing for displaced people by the crisis in Ukraine – this was matched by the Rotary Club of Toronto bringing the total to $9,600.
    - thank you Grant for another well researched International Club to toast.
Club Announcements – PP Helen Nodrum
    Past President Helen called for volunteers to join Friends of Karkarook Park for tree planting at Karkarook Park on Sunday 31/7 being National Tree Planting Day.   Planting will commence at 10am – about ½ dozen volunteers are required for approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours
    PP Helen presented Sue Loeliger with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of creating a partnership with The Healey for providing a venue for club breakfasts, and her contribution in club service during the past year.
Guest Speaker – President Margaret Mason
    Birthday Greetings for Paul who celebrated a birthday earlier in the week
    The Rotary Foundation recognized  our club for contributing over $100 per member
    Fred Hollows – we received a thank you letter for our club’s contribution to the Fred Hollows Foundation
    Free Breakfast Raffle – the free breakfast raffle will resume from today’s meeting
    D.G. club visit – D.G. Ken Miller will visit our club on Wednesday 7th September
    Rotary Regionalism Project – District Representative, David Tolstrup, and Assistant Governor, Les Martin, will visit our club at end of the month to outline the district’s involvement with the Rotary Regionalism Project
The Year Ahead for BMC
    President Margaret provided a brief outline and the objectives for our club moving forward this year, and linked the Object of Rotary, Rotary’s 5 year strategic plan with the club’s objectives.     
    Object of Rotary – President Margaret recited the Object of Rotary to remind everyone of the fundamental purpose and underlying core values of Rotary.  
    Rotary 5 year Strategic Plan -  Rotary’s 5 year plan is to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt.
    BMC Club Objectives
    - Commitment of all members to grow the club and participate in service to the club and international/local communities
    - Objectives: Grow the club, Improve our service, Increase our club income and Enjoy fellowship
    Fellowship meetings – Margaret plans one club meeting of each month will be held in the evening in place of the morning breakfast meeting.  These evening meetings will be held at Cilantro on the last Wednesday of each month – partners are very welcome to join these evening meetings that will be for the enjoyment of fellowship.   They may or may not have a guest speaker.
    Club forums – will be held quarterly and will provide an opportunity for committees to report back to the club on their committee activities
Sergeant Session – with Sergeant John Mason
    Sergeant John wasted no time in issuing fines to all and sundry.  Club members who didn’t attend the club changeover dinner were fined, all Collingwood supporters were fined (for not sure why – but there is always a good reason to fine Collingwood supporters), Grant and Vishal who have special expertise in the health industry were fined for not having found a cure for Covid yet, tennis players in the club – Helen and Alan were fined (for some vague link to Wimbledon I think), and our newest club member, Anna, was fined just to get into the groove of being fined! - how cheeky is that.
    John explained the distribution of funds raised through the fining sessions are distributed at the Sergeant’s discretion.  The funds raised during the past Rotary year 2021-2022 have been donated to Glen Eira Community Information and Support Services to provide support to women escaping domestic violence.
    - John would be happy to receive suggestions from club members where to distribute funds raised for this current Rotary year.
    John finished with a couple of short stories, one about Paddy who had a letter that said DO NOT BEND, and had trouble picking up the letter without bending over (ha ha), and another one about Noah in trouble with The Lord for not having built his second Ark, but after explaining his circumstances, he was absolved of any responsibility when The Lord discovered an interfering Govt, with too many rules and regulations, was the cause.
    Secretary Neville filed a cross fine on Sergeant John for his Ned Kelly mask
Chairperson Alan – announced club member birthdays and the upcoming rosters.
Meeting Close – In closing the meeting, President Margaret announced she will attend the District Launch on Friday this week for the District Conference in Canberra that will be held in March next year, and reminded club members of the RI Convention that will be held in Melbourne in May next year.