Posted by Margaret Mason on Dec 01, 2021
The meeting was held at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and on Zoom.
The Chair was Margaret Lucas. There were 2 guests, Samantha Langridge (Jo Impey) and Chad (Geoff Gartley).The guest speaker was Gerald Quigley who was introduced by Margaret Lucas.
Gerald is a pharmacist and has a long and impressive resume which includes a regular segment on 3 AW. Gerald’s presentation was on Health and the Older Australian. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare classifies any individual over the age of 65 years as an older person. Gerald stated that we should “live as well as we can as we age.” He reminded members to go back to basics which include:..
    Social Interaction. Social isolation can be considered a “disease”. Social interaction helps brain, social and emotional health, and so we should try and encompass this into our daily living.
    Sleep  The fundamental way of staying healthy is to have a good night’s sleep. The structure and consistency of bedtime is more important than the number of hours and individual sleeps.
    Stress. Stress is today’s buzzword. We have a generation of kids who live in constant anxiety. Coping with stress a challenge. We need certainty in life when we live in a stressful society.
    Food. Gerald stated that approximately 40% of patients admitted to hospitalise because of malnutrition issues. Everyone needs good protein (in meat), carbohydrates and fats. It is important to enjoy eating.
    Exercise. Choose the exercise we enjoy and try to do it for about half an hour each day. This would keep muscles in shape and lowers cholesterol level.
    Fibre. How we feel affects our digestion and vice versa. It is important to eat raw fresh vegetables that involve chewing.
    Vitamin supplements. Gerald touched on the various vitamins and health products that are advertised as being beneficial to our health. He spoke about their benefits or otherwise..  
      Gerald was thanked for a very stimulating and thought-provoking presentation.