Posted by Margaret Mason on Aug 04, 2021
The Chair was Tim Lynch. The meeting was held at Cilantro and connected to Zoom.
 Tony Ryan and Glenda Stahel joined the meeting via zoom.
President Helen welcomed members and reminded all that the DG will visit the club next week, 11 August 2021.
Editor's note - thanks to Peter Nolan for providing the excellent photos and to Larry Green for setting up Zoom.
Helen then announced that the Board had decided to retain the annual membership fees at $240..00 She gave a breakdown of contribution of fees as follows:
To District 9810  Insurance. $30.00, 
Conference Levy. $19.00, 
District Levy. $ 46.00 
To Rotary International. $102.31 per member
To club subsidies for Rotary Magazine. Hard copy  $44.50,  Digital. $33.00
The speaker for the day was ill so our very own Tim Lynch (who was also chair for the day) stepped in and gave us an account of his recent trip to Tasmania.
The trip started eventfully with one of the passengers suffering a heart attack, so the Spirit of Tasmania had to turn back to off load the passenger. This meant that the ship was 7 hours late arriving at Devonport. 
Tim and Angela drove all over Tasmania from Launceston to Strahan, (where they made a side trip to Sarah Island, (which used to be a penal colony), Queenstown, Stanley, ( where the late Prime Minister Jo Lyons was born), Smithton, and Swansea.  They then drove to St Helen’s where Tim said they enjoyed an excellent French meal. Tim recounted very interesting and entertaining highlights of their trip. He could almost be the “face of tourism” for Tasmania. One of the many things which surprised Tim is the number of distilleries in Tasmania that made whisky and gin.  
Thank you Tim for stepping in at short notice and provided us with a very entertaining talk.
Grant’s International Toast was deferred as the projector was out of commission. John collected the fines from last weeks zoom meeting and added a few more for luck.