Posted by Margaret Mason on Aug 25, 2021
The chair was shared between President Helen and Tim Lynch. The guest speaker was Sean McCarthy, whom Tim met in the course of organising his shop for rental. Tim introduced Sean to members.
Sean has a degree in Environmental Science and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. He is also a snake handler and has developed a wild-life mobile demonstration business. He started the business because he noted that most of what Australians learnt about wildlife was from overseas.
Australians allegedly do the  highest damage to their own wild life in the world. Sean started the business because of his passion and he does more training than snake catching even though he is a snake handler. The business consists of demonstrations at children’s parties, school programmes and teaching people how to handle snakes. He houses this animals and reptiles in a triple garage.
Sean bemoaned the fact that Covid house restrictions and lockdowns have severely affected him in carrying out what he can do. He stated that he was only able to work for two months in the past eighteen months. The talk concluded with an interesting “Qs and As” on crocodile farms, venomous snakes and snake catching. President Helen thanked Sean and then proceeded with club business.
She thanked Geoff Gartley and Larry Green for an entertaining and educational trivia night last Friday.  President Helen also reminded members that the two proposals will be circulated this week for the second time. Members will be expected to vote them next week. The two proposals are: $10,000  to Rotary Foundation and $5,000 to Australian Rotary Health for Indigenous scholarships. The meeting ended with a sergeant’s fine session. Fines will be tallied and collection will take place when we  are able to meet face to face.