Posted by Margaret Mason on Aug 11, 2021
The meeting was held on Zoom. It was DG Darryl Moran’s official visit to the club. The chair was Geoff Gledhill. President Helen welcomed DG, his wife Jenny, members as well as visitors Sossi and Tony.
Jenny spoke briefly bout the DG Partner’s project “Days for Girls.” She said that “girls’ education is a specific development priority. She provided some worldwide stats on this. However, the focus of our support will be in Rotary International Zone 8, which includes countries in the Pacific region,  such as Tonga, Fiji, and Norfolk Island. RCBMC donated $1,000 towards this project. Jenny stated that if individual members wish to donate, the money can be paid to the District account and identified as the DG Partner’s project.
DG Darryl commenced by giving an overview of clubs in 9810. He said that some clubs are struggling. While it is not his “mission” to tell us what to do, he would endeavour to make some observations and suggestions through “fresh eyes.” He thanked our club for our donation to the “District Storm Relief Fund.” He said that the 8 hills club is still hurting. Many are not able to meet as the roads are still closed and there is no traffic.
Darryl then shared some information about the District Conference which is to be held on 25th and 26th March 2022. Friday 25th will be online and Saturday 26th will be in person at Caulfield Race Course. It will include Earlyact, Interact, Rotaract, Alumni, Rotarians, Friends, and partners. Bookings will open on 1st October 2021. It will be a ‘paperless’ conference with communication via mobile and devices. No name badges will be provided.
Darryl then shared with members, some of his personal experiences from the time he joined Rotary the Rotary Club of Caulfield in 1990, and his participation with the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne in 1993. He outlined some reasons why people join Rotary and why they leave and encouraged all members to challenge themselves and to check to make sure we are able to retain members especially the. younger ones. Suggestions on how members can stay connected with Rotary were given. These include sharing activities with cluster clips, accessing the 9810 website, youtube channel, and the myRotary app.
Darryl then talked about the impending 9810/9820 merger. Currently, 9810 has 10287 members and Rotary International’s minimum number for a district is 1100 members.
The four challenges for all clubs are: Club Excellence, Innovation, Rotary Family, and Rotary support. He then went into detail on where RCBMC identified itself in these areas and encouraged members to “move with the times and listen to the younger generation.” As one example, he thought that the Loyal Toast may be seen by younger people as an impediment to joining Rotary.