This was a morning meeting with very special guest speaker, David Langridge, father of member Samantha.
We also had the pleasure this week of inducting our newest member, Kellie Carruthers
Larry Green was chairperson for today’s meeting at Cilantro.  Jo Impey performed Invocation and Neville Kruss performed the Loyal Toast.
Grant presented the International club toast to President Rania Elgendy and members of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Lighthouse in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is a very new club chartered on 22 September 2017 in District 2451 that has 65 clubs.    The club was instrumental for commencing the Rotaract Club of Lighthouse United chartered this year on 8 February 2023.    History of Egypt shows humans entered the region about 600,000 years ago, and Ancient Egypt began around 3,150BC.  Alexander the Great conquered Egypt 332BC – however he died in 323BC, and the Ptolemaic dynasty (Macedonian Greek royal dynasty) ruled until 30BC when it became part of the Roman Empire.  Islamic forces invaded in 7th Century and in 1517, Egypt was conquered by the Ottoman Turks.  The British Army invaded Egypt in 1882 and declared Egypt’s independence on 22 Feb 1922.  The Republic of Egypt was formed in 1952 and in 1970, it became the Arab Republic of Egypt.   The RC of Alexandria Lighthouse is involved the following projects – distribution of foodstuffs for Ramadan, sewing courses (a joint project with the Italian Industrial School), blanket distribution to families in villages and Christmas gift distribution for the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Borg El Arab.  Another great history lesson provided by Grant.
CLUB INDUCTION – Kellie Carruthers
Glenda had the very pleasant duty of inducting our newest club member Kellie Carruthers who is a Customer Engagement Manager at Marriott Support Services.   Kellie is keen to be an active club member and will join the Membership committee. 
  • Our club has been invited to visit the Melbourne Indigenous boarding school in June.
  • 6 attendees met and enjoyed the social night at Arcobar held on Monday 3 April.
  • Linda O’Brien conducted the club vote to donate $6,340 for a Dialysis chair at Sandringham Hospital – which was carried.
  • The next club meeting on Wed 12 April will be at Calvary Care Bethlehem in Kooyong Road, Caulfield South.    
  • Our Club Changeover on 24 June will be held at Woodlands Golf Club. 
  • The club meeting on Wed 19 April has moved to a breakfast meeting at Cilantro (previously scheduled as an evening meeting) – with PDG Dr Daryl Moran as our guest speaker.
GUEST SPEAKER – David Langridge
Samantha welcomed our guest speaker, David Langridge – her father, to talk about Australian Motor Racing in the 1950 – 1960’s.  His talk was well timed following last weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix.  We learnt David’s interest in racing cars dates from a young age in the early 1950s.  He provided a number of recollections including seeing Ken Wharton in a race at the Olympic Grand Prix at the Albert Park Race Circuit in 1956, and saw Bruce McLaren win at the Sandown Park Circuit in 1964.  A race track in Longford in Tasmania was used for many years with a few fatalities over the years before closing in 1968.  The Langridge Cup was presented with David’s friend Paul Higgins at the Warwick Farm Raceway in 1967.  In addition to racing cars, David has also ridden motorcycles. David felt the best racing driver of the time was Stirling Moss for his hard work and dedication – Stirling Moss won the Grand Prix at Albert Park in 1956.    Thank you David for your talk and interesting recollections of motor racing in times gone by.