Posted by Linda O'Brien on Aug 22, 2018
Belola (Balilbo) School Project 65% Complete

Please see pictures below, courtesy of Terry Bracks at BHT. Our Belola School project is at 65% of construction and progressing fast. It is now a race between the builders finishing and our fit-out container arriving in Balibo/Belola. We are still confident it will all come together by end of October 2018.

Belola project in Timor Leste, the construction and fit-out of a new prep-school & kindergarten for the Balibo / Belola community, is progressing well and ahead of schedule!

We know this because we receive regular reports and pictures from our project managers and partners in T.L. , the Balibo House Trust and Spend it Well. We also had first hand reports from our very own Doug Hemmingway and wife Judy, who recently returned from a Rotary Volunteers tour of T.L. Doug & Judy went with 6 other Rotarians, from RC’s of Keilor, Pakenham & Berwick.

The group was led by David Dippie and Roger Thornton, who had a brief from the Balibo Partnership Clubs, to inspect works at Belola and scout for a possible site for our next project in the Balibo area.