Posted by Ian Ballantine on Mar 08, 2021
Multi-District conference “Virtual Victoria” will be happening on Saturday and Sunday 1 and 2 May.  Registration will be free and the booking site will open soon – you’ll be notified. 
Each day the conference duration will be 2 hours from 11.00am to 1pm.  On Saturday afternoon there will be an extra session for D9810 only.  This will require a separate booking – again, links to the booking site will be available soon.
A number of exciting speakers and presentations are being arranged for both events and I hope to make definite announcements by the next Open Doors. 
Thank you all for your patience with this event.  I know it’s running late but I’m confident it will be an event worth waiting for with great entertainment and interesting and inspiring speakers.
Keep an eye on the Event listing on this website here for updates.