If you wish to order Rotary Christmas Cakes, Puddings or Mince Pies ,please note that orders close on
FRIDAY 6th NOVEMBER at 6.00pm.
Cakes and Puddings $16:50 Mince Pies $16 per dozen.
Phone Margaret on 0419 553 196 or email
Delivery  will be on a COD basis!
Margaret Mason is taking orders for Cakes and Puddings.Our Community Service Committee have again authorised an order on behalf of the Club to be distributed to selected welfare organisations.
Every sale benefits the Rotary Foundation, and our Club. Orders will close end October and delivery will be available late November in plenty of time for Christmas.The cakes or puddings make excellent business or personal gifts. The Cakes are in a decorative tin and the steamed puddings in a blue cloth; pre wrapped for presentation. All members need at least one pudding for their Christmas dinner and a couple of cakes to nibble with their Dilmah tea during the year. Tell your friends, and even your relations, and see if you can get a decent order together.
  • Rum and Brandy Fruit Cake in a Tin
    Ready to Eat...Lasts for Yonks. $16:50
  • 1KG Traditional Steamed Pudding in Cloth
    Boil or steam or microwave to serve. $16:50
  • Individual Baked Puddings...4 in a Box
    Eat Cold or Heat and Serve. $7